Judicial Process Servers

Changing the way you think of process servers

We serve the papers no one else can, faster. Private Process Servers have
the resources to devote personal attention to your case that you won't find
with Sheriff's Offices. We are able to serve your paper faster too: usually
within 2-4 business days.

The reason we are so successful is our high standard of diligence. Running
license plates, performing neighbor canvasses, searching phones numbers,
and sweeping for social media profiles all fall within our standard of

We offer a $99 Skip Trace/Locate* if you are unable to locate the
person/company to be served
We can also perform surveillance for $100/hr with a 3 hour minimum. See the
Investigative Services Section for more details!




All of our fees are flat rate per paper served, per address and
are based on several factors such as where the papers originate and where
they are being served. Fees include our standard level of diligence, as
many attempts as it takes (as long as we have a reasonable expectation of
service) the first 100 printed pages, and the return of service. What you
see is what you pay...we charge no hidden fees ever. In Florida and select
locations around the country we can efile your return of service for you. Law firms enjoy discounts of 20% or more!


Locations Served:

We serve Worldwide and have 4 service area categories.

  • Local: Local service area covers anywhere in South Florida: Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties. There is a small premium for service in Miami-Dade county and South Bay/Pahokee in Palm Beach County. Fees vary based on several factors, but start around $75.00

  • Anywhere in Florida: We can serve anywhere in Florida outside our local service area for one flat rate. We do not just "forward" your papers,we have contracts and relationships with the best process servers in the state. Starting at $125.00

  • Anywhere in the Continental United States: Fees vary based on location served, but we have established relationships with local process servers in key service areas including New York, Texas, and California, and utilize an extended network of trusted servers we have established relationships with nationwide. We have done the hard work of locating the best of the best, and have a database of almost 2,000 process servers nationwide. Fees start at $175.00

  • Worldwide: we do both Hague Convention and Letters Rogatory service starting at $1,500. Check back here soon for more details.


Service Levels:

We have three service levels based on the urgency of your situation:

  • Regular service is defined, based on location, as a first attempt within 3-5 business days, not counting day of request, however, we are usually able to make a first attempt within 2-3 days.

  • Rush service is defined as a first attempt no later than the next
    business day, with twice (or more) daily re-attempts if required.

  • Immediate service is an all out effort starting immediately. This
    service level takes top priority over everything else, a team is assembled,
    and we keep attempting until your paper is served. If your paper needs served at a specific date/time it is billed as immediate service.

* no find no fee "special locates" are database search only. More advanced skip tracing is available for hourly fees. Service of Process is not included and fees vary by location. We do our best to confirm addresses outside of our service area, but you are responsible for all process server fees. You must have valid legal process to request this service. No refunds can be provided once we begin work

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2111 Brandywine Rd STE 811

West Palm Beach, FL 33409

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